Remarketing: What it is and How to Start

Remarketing is an effective way of getting lost customers back and engaging with potential customers. It is done by targeting ads to customers who have already shown an interest in a product or service.

Different Ways to Think About Remarketing

Remarketing is clever for advertising offered by Google.

Remarketing essentially means showing ads to people who have already been to your site. Whereas advertising is traditionally used to increase awareness among those not familiar with your brand, the idea here is instead to show ads to those people who nearly bought from you but didn’t quite. Or to show them to people who did buy from you and might want to again! And actually, this can be a much more cost-effective way to spend your money!

The only thing to remember is that remarketing is a different beast compared with traditional marketing and needs to be approached as such. Here are some differences that you should keep in mind.

Comat the Objections

With other forms of marketing, the aim is to make people aware of your product and why it’s good. If you’re showing an ad to someone who lingered on your checkout page though, they probably know what you sell and why it’s interesting. The problem is that they had objections that prevented them from clicking ‘buy’ – maybe they didn’t have the money, perhaps they didn’t trust your brand, or maybe they thought you were ‘just another scam’.

A better way to think about your text in remarketing ads than is as a way to convince people to overcome those objections.

For instance, you might focus your text on telling people about your 100% money-back guarantee. Or perhaps you might use it to tell them why buying from you is actually an investment.

Offer a Deal

This is actually the perfect time to offer a deal. If someone has thought about buying something and decided not to, it might take a little push – like some money off – to change their mind. Now is the ideal time to talk about that deal and get them to change their mind!

Use Contrast

Contrast is when you show a product that is similar but different to the one someone is interested in. For instance, if you previously promoted a suit that cost $1,000 then you might use this opportunity to show them one worth $800. That’s still an expensive suit but the contrast makes it feel cheap. And the buyer now has the opportunity to feel good about themselves for holding out and only buying the ‘cheap’ option!

Social Media Marketing Hacktics
Social Media Marketing Hacktics

How to Start Remarketing, All Steps

There are several steps you can take to get started with remarketing:

1. Set up tracking pixels. By creating tracking pixels and placing them on key pages of your website, such as the checkout page, you can track who is engaging with your pages. This is essential for remarketing as it will allow you to target these customers again with a tailored message.

2. Categorize customers. Once you’ve gathered enough data, start to categorize customers according to the types of products or services they’ve interacted with on your website. This will allow you to create more targeted ads for them in the future.

3. Create targeted ads. With customer categorization, you can create tailored remarketing ads that speak directly to each customer. Your ads should offer them something they are likely to find valuable, such as a discount on a product they looked at or a reminder to check out your service options.

4. Place ads on the right platforms. Depending on your customers’ goals and your budget, you will want to place your ads on the right digital platforms. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be effective, however, customizing your ads to appear within Google search, Gmail, and YouTube can also yield excellent results.

5. Monitor and adjust. Monitor who is engaging with your ads and adjust as technology and customers’ preferences change. It’s important to continuously update and refine your approach to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your remarketing strategy.

Engaging in remarketing is an effective way to encourage lost customers to come back and convert potential customers. By implementing the steps outlined above, you can create a powerful, targeted remarketing strategy that will drive ROI for your business.