Powerful Headline Ideas For Selling in Both B2C and B2B Markets

Selling of any product or service begins with the title of the copy. There isn’t a marketing tool that doesn’t need a good title. Today I’ll show you a study of title variations made using various copywriting formulas. I currently have a collection of 13 of these formulas and have begun to study the differencesRead more ⟶

Understanding the Benefits of Conducting Expert Interviews

Expert interviews are an essential part of the research process in order to gain knowledge, insights and data. Expert interviews provide in-depth information and analysis that cannot be obtained from traditional research methods. It helps in exploring the views and experiences of a specific target population, which helps in making an educated decision.

Introduction to Practical Online Advertising

Advertising techniques vary from business to business, depending on the purpose of the advertisement. For example, a small retail store may advertise its latest in-store promotion or a large international company may promote a new product. Whatever the objective is, the key to success is always developing an effective advertising campaign.