There are possibilities to reach customers without an obligatory race to reach No. 1 on the first page of Search Engines

🤦🏻‍♀️ How to Get Out on the First Page in Search Engines? 🔦

Search engines ranking… What a terrible thing! We all try to do what we can to get on the first page of a Google search. However, with algorithm updates following one after the other, it now seems like this is a dream.

I don’t believe it either that 7–8 years ago it was enough to write an article a day on a well-organized WordPress site and follow SEO practices to be No. 1 in Google. I remember how a great positioning specialist I once worked with spent all day trying to figure out HOW I managed to come out as No. 1 in all the major search engines with my blog. “How much do you pay?” — “Nothing” “And how do you find yourself in the first place?” — “I don’t know…” 😵

It was just the classic case when an ignorant bets and wins. 😂 🤣 “Guess” keywords, an updated list for pinging — and a great passion for search engines for new articles, at the time. Now this system seems to no longer work.

Search Engines Statistics

Why did this story come to mind?

A bit of statistics:
90% of websites never receive traffic.
50% of visitors click on the first THREE positions that come up in the search. I mean, they’re not even the top 10, no, they’re the top three.
5% move on to the second page.

Given these statistics, it is clear that the competition for online visibility is fierce. With 90% of websites struggling to attract any significant traffic, it has become crucial for everybody to optimize their online presence. Securing one of the top three positions in search engine results has become paramount, as half of all visitors are most likely to click on those links.

This highlights the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve website rankings. Businesses need to invest in techniques such as keyword research, content optimization, and link building to increase their chances of appearing in those coveted top positions. Ignoring SEO can result in losing out on a substantial portion of potential visitors and customers.

The fact that only 5% of users venture beyond the first page of search results emphasizes the significance of ranking high. If a website fails to make it to the first page, it becomes increasingly unlikely to attract organic traffic. This underlines the need for continuous efforts to improve search engine rankings and maintain a strong online presence.

It’s a wake-up call for website owners and marketers. The digital landscape is highly competitive, and the majority of websites struggle to gain traction.

So? What can you do? Abandon everything?

In my opinion, we need to change our attitude.
There are industries and shops that need traffic in enormous quantities. It’s impossible to beat them. In the sense of money that they can afford to invest in marketing, etc.

If we are not Amazon, Barilla, De Agostini?
Google offers us some possibilities. As I have already written, you currently have to invest in the Google Business Profile (
Then exploit sites that already have large traffic: social media, classifieds sites, other sites that allow you to have your own profile, blogs, and communities (Virgil and similar). Distributors of newsletters, events, etc.
There are also minor search engines that still have enough visits. All the sources of Free Traffic.

I read articles about a “new” system that I already wanted to try out for one of my sites. It is the system of “pillars”, that is, they propose to create pages similar to Wikipedia, Questions and Answers, where a topic is explained with links to in-depth pages. “Courting” Google, in short.

Another detail of this system is that you don’t use keywords as you normally do, but “People also asked” and suggestions (related searches).

In short, there are possibilities to reach customers without obligatory a futile race to reach No. 1 on the first page of Search Engines, which we already lost before the start.
It is important to be more realistic when we think about what and how we can achieve.

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